January 10, 2013

This was an eventful week at Legacy. We have a Burmese family attending classes here (4 girls and 2 boys). I have one of the boys in my second year English class, but all of his siblings are first year students. Meet our Burmese/Karen Family:

Beginning from the back, left to right: Htoo Mya Shwe (2nd year), great Aunty, Nomya (mother), cousin, great aunt, Hser Nay Htoo (1st year). Second Row: Neh Blu Htoo (1st year), Hser Nay Say (1st year), Hser Nay Paw (1st year), Jo Htoo (father). Front row: Akene Htoo (little brother), Stle Lin Shwe (1st year student and the oldest child).

It's a Small, Small World in SE Asia

After this past week and a half,my passport has a few more stamps in it! I have added two more countries to my "I've been there!" list, and it was one of my best trips ever. 

Who Do I Think I Am?

I've been in Thailand for two months now, and I've blogged a total of two times. That's pathetic. Everybody, this is a new leaf. I'm metaphorically turning it over... now. During these past two months, while I've been busy NOT blogging, something inevitable has happened.

I fell in love with my life here.

First, First and… First!

It’s the end of my very first week here in Thailand and I think I can safely say… this is going to be a year full of firsts.