Good Works and United Youth Corps are co-sponsoring a summer youth camp in Ghana. This project will provide staff members for this summer camp; to take place August 13-20, 2017.


Good Works and United Youth Corps are co-sponsoring the first ever United Youth Camp in St. Lucia, Caribbean!

This camp will provide the opportunity for some teens to attend camp for the very first time.

This camp would take place on the south end of St. Lucia. It would be a very “outdoor” camp with most activities being in the mountains and in the ocean. We would have an indoor place to sleep, but we would be hiking one of the Pitons for most of a day. It is a “World Heritage” site and something to behold much less reach the top.


Good Works and United Youth Corps are co-sponsoring a summer camp in Malawi! Although a small country, the youth of Malawi are scattered, and see each other rarely. The summer camp offers the opportunity to learn about God, fellowship, and challenge themselves. Two volunteers will travel to Malawi to serve these young people, and develop relationships with our brethren. If you are interested in volunteering please see the fact sheet and application at


We thank God that historically very few UCG members have been affected by natural disasters, but do wish to be prepared to help when disaster strikes; we also want to be available to help others in the greater Church of God community.

The United Church of God Good Works program will be providing help to those in need. Therefore, the U.S. Disaster Relief fund is a permanent fund. We will maintain a $10,000 balance at all times for any disasters that may occur within the U.S.; this allows us to move more quickly with aid when a need arises.