On December 27th we got up very early. At 8 o’clock we loaded the luggage onto the bus that would take us to the picnic where the brethren of the City of Guatemala would be expecting us. When we got off the bus we were welcomed with warm hugs and a heartfelt “bienvenidos.” Afterwards, we took a walk around the place. Frankly, it wasn’t very nice but the Christian fellowship and the love of the brethren made it beautiful.

After walking around we began putting together the donations, then helped cook traditional Guatemalan food. As we worked on the food, we had a very stimulating and inspiring conversation with the ladies of the Church; old and young who have a generous heart and a lot of love to give.

Hola amigos! It’s been a beautiful, sunny Sunday here in Guatemala City and we have the blessing of being able to spend the day at the park with some of the brethren that we met at services yesterday for a church picnic!

The Guatemalan brethren are some of the most loving people that I’ve ever had the chance to meet. Every introduction, whether male, female, old or young includes hugs, kisses, and smiles. The phrase “mi casa es tu casa” (my home is your home) has been delivered to us several times in the time that we’ve spent here so far and each person truly means it.

First Impressions

Hola, amigos!

This weekend before our team goes to Eagles Nest, we’ve been staying at the Robledos’ home. They are wonderful hosts and there’s been an amazing amount of smiles and laughter here. When we arrived at their home on Friday, they greeted each of us with a hug and kiss on the cheek. I felt more like I was being welcomed into the home of old friends instead of people I’ve never met. I know I speak for all of us when I say that we are so grateful for their hospitality!

Guatemala is beautiful! It is green and lush and the landscape is breathtaking. Especially flying in and seeing all the tips of the volcanos above the clouds. I am pretty sure this is one of the first time seeing a volcano. The city it’s self is really unique, from the concrete buildings to the crazy driving.

Before I arrived in Jamaica, I was nervous and overwhelmed. I wasn’t sure how I would fit in or how I could teach the kids anything because of the cultural differences. How could I understand their perspective? Needless to say, I was totally out of my comfort zone and didn’t know anyone who was going very well. Once I met the other members going, I was thankful to be part of a group (wearing the Youth Corps Shirts helped), but I was still wondering what I could offer. Once we arrived in Jamaica, driving down the road, I remember seeing a small hut/shack, where one side was metal, another was wood, and it was made of whatever they can find, with a sign that said “future Walmart,” that was no larger than my kitchen.

I Have to Speak?

How many of us adore public speaking?

Courageous Faith

The nightly meeting began -- ten sun-soaked, bright-but-tired eyed young men sat around the long plastic tables under the tiki hut gazebo; all eyes affixed to their counselor. The days journeys, memory scripture, and man talk proceeded on; inducing a sense of wonder I couldn't help to develop further in writing.