Last full day of camp – 30th of July 2015

Last full day of camp before we leave! How quickly time flies – we can say it again and again but there is nothing we can do is try to hold on to every precious memory of the time we have spent here. In the course of the five days, I have gained so many brothers and sister. It really feels like one big happy family here -- with the Staff, Campers and counsellors- and really enraptures our camp motto “E pluribus Unum” -- Out of Many, One.

That morning we were served both breakfast and dinner, by one of the campers who wanted to give us all a true taste of Jamaica. So we breakfasted upon chicken stew with green bananas, dumplings, fresh mango, and omelettes cooked on order. 

A Day In The Life of Camp Jamaica, by David Rains


A Day In The Life of Camp Jamaica


Arriving in Jamaica!


Our theme this year at Camp Jamaica was “E Plurib Unum” (Out of many-one). We all came from across the globe and from many different walks of life.  However, we did not let our national boarders or skin color divide us. As Christ says we are all one body, we focused on becoming unified and all one spiritual body under Christ.