We had an opportunity to spend some time with kids at a local school.

The kids were a ball of joy and energy. From the moment we walked in the school, kids leaving class had nothing but smiles and "hola's" for all of us foreigners. It's not everyday that this little town of Los Sauces has American visitors


On Tuesday night, the second day of our trip (July 28), we had the great opportunity to serve in a literal way: handing out soup, sandwiches, and tea/coffee to the homeless people in two locations in downtown Santiago.

Setting out the groceries we bought alongside freshly made “pan” (bread) picked up earlier in the day from a local baker; we quickly formed an assembly line and put together “pancito” after “pancito” (small sandwich). Cut the bread, spread the butter, layer the cheese and meat, and finally wrap for transport.

The rain welcomed us into Santiago, Chile on Monday as the four of us exited the plane. The darkness, a contradiction to the morning sun unable to break through the clouds and unyielding storm, made our initial view of the Andes mountaintops more dramatic. We could see their peaks poking through the fluffy gray clouds through the airport windows, seemingly so close, yet out of reach. We were fatigued after travelling through the night, true sleep eluding us all, but the beautiful sweeping backdrop awoke our inner voices of adventure as we readied ourselves for a full day of preparations for our activities over the next two weeks in Chile and Argentina.


My recent trip to Brazil was exhilarating, to say the least. You could tell the camp was a success by the lightened countenance of all the cheery-eyed children. The children and the staff all had an enjoyable and exciting time with all the sports, the various games played, the dance that was held, and with all the spiritual lesson learned. Many lessons were learned from the daily compass checks, the Christian living classes, the messages given on the Sabbath, the various conversations had during the time we were there and by mere observations.

Unity, Unidade

    It has now been just over a month since the recent United Youth Camp in Brazil came to an end and all of the campers and staff members returned to their daily lives, spiritually recharged from an uplifting week in the Zone. This first-ever camp in Brazil was filled with innumerable unforgettable memories. However, there is one in particular that strikes me as my fondest memory from the week every time I think about my experience at camp. This memory is of singing hymns with several of the younger girl campers one night while swinging in our hammocks strung from the rafters of the church hall. If I had to describe this moment in one word, it would be unity, or unidade in Portuguese.

The first ever United Youth Camp in Brazil that combined both preteen and teen ages was a huge success for everyone involved! The kids expressed how wonderful a time they had learning more about God’s Truth each day and participating in many fun activities alongside brethren in a beautifully simple environment. This camp in Brazil definitely embodied “the Zone” --  a positive environment centered on the Laws of God in action and that envisions the coming Kingdom of God -- as all of the various UYC camps embody and included many familiar camp activities.

The location of camp was in Maloca de Moscou, Brazil; a rural tribal area about two hours from Boa Vista. This camp was different then camps I had been to in the United States, and took place in a small area that included only the necessary structures. Three thatch roof shelters (two of which served as boys dorms), a church hall that doubled as a girls dorm, a bath house with two girls and two boys stalls, and a dinning hall with kitchen. There was also a large field cleared for playing sports.