6am and the sun has risen on the first day of camp and some of the campers are already up and getting ready for the day. I am awake but still in my hammock under the thatched roof hut in which our dorm was in; just enjoying the beginning of the day. Listening to the various sounds of the environment around me, dogs barking, different types of unknown birds chirping, little ones laughing and giggling, the stammering of flip flops as young campers run past our dorm, and the clanging of dishes and cookware in the kitchen a few feet away I was in a state contentment that I hadn’t experienced in sometime.

Different But the Same

When I boarded my first flight of many on my way to Brazil I didn’t quite know what to expect. I asked myself what it would be like, would the people like me, what would the language barrier be like? These questions kept running through my mind as we arrived at the camp, but after I started meeting the people and campers my questions and worries started to melt away. The camp itself is set next to the church hall and kitchen area, on the campsite itself we had a two-person shower house and two thatched roof buildings where some of the staff and campers including myself stayed.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

This is the beginning of two days of travel! We all arrived in Miami at various time throughout the day and boarded our flight to Manaus which departed at 4:55pm and arrived in Manaus at 11:10pm. We then took about a 20 minute Taxi ride to our hotel.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Hope Renewed: Children of the Guatemala City Dump

Final Reflections

Fun and Joy

Today we had the opportunity to have a picnic with brethren of the congregation of San Marcos; I felt like being foreign in my own country because I didn't know that region. In whole environment was the feeling that everyone waited to see us and share good times.


Throughout the morning, the brethren organized various family fun games. Inside the whole place you could feel the love and joy emanating everywhere. Children running and jumping, laughing adults, everybody enjoys good company all together.