Learning to Forgive and be Forgiven

Today at Camp Jamaica we had a Christian living class by the dynamic duo, Jason and Sierra Stewart. They taught us about choice and consequence as well as God's grace and forgiveness. They touched the hearts and minds of the campers and staff alike by being vulnerable and talking about their own choices and the things they have suffered through.  Their stories brought tears to the eyes of many and imprinted the lessons they taught on our hearts.

We’ve been in Chile for a week and half now. I feel we are accomplishing our goals we have set for project. This Youth Corps project’s main focus was to connect the youth in different countries.  And we have done just that! There are many young people here in Chile, four from the U.S. and one from Australia. So far this experience here has been enlightening and exciting.  I’ve met so many new people and have had the opportunity to spend time with them and get to know them better. 

Right after we have arrived we went right to the church hall and each person we met greeted us with a kiss. We spent some time together while one of the young people painted the Good Works symbol on the wall of the parking garage. 

Chile is a fantastic place and full of surprises. Before coming to Santiago I had imagined it having a strong Mexican influence, I was terribly mistaken. The food, language, and heritage is nothing like Mexico and entirely derives from Spain. Lena, Lewis, and I are staying in Mr. and Mrs. Roig’s house. We get a superb breakfast with homemade jellies, bread, avocado, and a special queso from the south.

After a few days of activities with the local congregation members we traveled 700 kilometers south to Temuco. The south of Chile is notorious for being much colder and very rainy compared to Santiago, one of the locals in Temuco said it is not unusual to get nine months of rain per year.

Bon dia (good morning in Portuguese)!  Slept fairly well last night in the new tent.  It rained a few times, but just tropical showers.  It even got down to 75°F or so in the tent – a welcomed break from the staggering heat.  A few local women and the [4] girls in our group are preparing breakfast.  They certainly eat a lot of fruit down here I’ve noticed, even with dinner.  Though not very filling, it is delicious!