January 3, 2017 -- Keith Lippincott and Julia Scott

Jonathan rides furiously through town, Mario style, in a Tuk Tuk on our way to the home of a Guatemalan woman that used to be a cook at the Eagle’s Nest Orphanage for a traditional meal.

From dough balls we created tortillas for our meal at Estella’s house turned restaurant. Her daughter pictured above helped us, but some of us were more successful than others.

We had a home cooked meal of fried chicken and rice with a glass of good old Coca Cola.

Estella’s mother is 85 years old. Even though her old house pictured here is filled with soot, she prefers to spend most of her time in it during the day, sleeping in another house at night.

Estella’s youngest daughter poses with one of the family’s kittens.